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Internal friction in polymers:

Loop formation in long chain molecules is a primary step in polypeptide, protein folding as well as in processes like DNA transcription. We have recently looked at the effect of hydrodynamic interaction on end-to-end loop formation in flexible polymer. We have shown how hydrodynamics can actually make loop formation faster. On the other hand, in a separate study, we have shown that the presence of viscoelastic solvent around the chain makes looping dynamics slow. Very recently we have analyzed how internal friction can influence end-to-end looping dynamics. We have also analyzed how fluctuating hydrodynamics in addition to internal viscosity affect the dynamics in a dumbbell model for polymer chain. Our recent work dealt with the use of Jarzynski equality to measure the internal friction of a polymer from optical tweezer experiments. A future problem would be to come up with a multi-chain code to model real dilute polymer solution and investigate the combined effect of hydrodynamics and internal viscosity on dynamics.


Relevant Publications:

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Conference Proceedings:

1. How does the tail length and separation between the tagged monomers influence the reconfiguration of a chain with internal friction for different solvent-quality? - Nairhita Samanta and Rajarshi Chakrabarti, J. Phys : Conf. Ser 759, 012014 (2016).

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