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Sponsored Research Projects

Effect of crosslinking agents on the conformational landscape of peptides and its impact on the efficiency of peptide therapeutic, SERB, 43 Lakhs (running).


Wet and Dry Internal Friction in the context of Polymer Dynamics, Matrics SERB, 6 Lakhs (running).

Theory and simulation of active colloids, IRCC, IIT Bombay 5 Lakhs (running).

Loop formation involving long chain molecules: Effect of viscoelastic solvent, hydrodynamics and chain stiffness, CSIR, 6 Lakhs (completed).


Theoretical investigation of the dynamics of tracer molecules in crowded environment and its relevance in cell biophysics, SERB, 30 Lakhs (completed).

Theoretical investigation of single particle dynamics in condensed phase: Effect of crowding and fluctuation, IRCC, IIT Bombay, 25 Lakhs (completed).

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